Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

April 13, 2022

Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Now that weddings, proposals and parties are back on in full force after two years of postponing, celebrations of love in all forms are embracing extravagance and fun. Engagement rings are no exception! This year we are predicting more unusual and playful engagement ring designs that demand attention and reflect the uniqueness of the wearer. Anticipate seeing double stone ‘Moi et Toi’ rings, bold colour choices, gender neutral custom designs and the returning popularity of the Black Diamond.


Moi et Toi’ Double Stone Engagement rings

As worn by Megan Fox and Emily Ratajkowski, we are seeing a distinct trend towards having not one, but two centre stones in engagement rings. Not only is it double the sparkle, but the symbolism of the two stones has a beautiful significance and symbolizes the love between both people. We love the possibilities for customization in this style. If you are interested in a Moi et Toi setting, consider having some fun with the shapes of the stones by having two different shapes (We suggest a round and a marquise... or a pear... or a princess!). Or if you like a pop of colour, choose one white diamond and one coloured diamond or gemstone to create a stunning contrast. The possibilities are practically endless!

Colourful Centre Stones... Diamonds and beyond!

With high profile couples like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck choosing an unusual mint green Diamond for their engagement ring, we are excited to see more colourful trends starting to develop in the world of engagement rings. Depending on your colour preferences, we suggest exploring Fancy-colour Natural and Lab created Diamonds and Sapphires because of their longevity and vivid colour palettes. Choosing a colourful stone for your engagement ring really sets it apart, so its a fantastic option for someone who wants something a little different while keeping the setting quite classic. We suggest choosing the colour that you love, rather than the specifically trending colours. That way you will love it through the years as trends come and go.

Gender Neutral Custom Design

In recent years gender neutrality and fluidity have become a mainstream part of society and fashion and we are finding more and more people wanting customized engagement rings and wedding bands that are more unisex in style. We love the streamlined, minimalist designs that incorporate sparkling gems and different colours of metals to create something that is uniquely feminine and masculine simultaneously, which doesn’t lend itself in one direction more than the other. If you are interested in an engagement ring that doesn’t fit into the classic feminized styles, we suggest mixing elements; for example having dainty sparkling diamonds set into a solid band with a black rhodium plating or a stunning solitaire diamond in a unique shape, set into a geometric inspired band. The result is a ring that is totally unique, often with a sleek understated modern look. Francis Jewellers specializes in custom modern styles that are tailor made for the recipient.

Black Diamonds

With the infamous Black Diamond Engagement ring belonging to Carrie Bradshaw making a reappearance in 2021/2022’s ‘And Just Like That’, we are expecting to see an increased interest in black diamonds for centre stones and accent stones in engagement rings. We love a black diamond because its a great neutral colour, but its still unusual enough that it makes a bold statement. The black diamond engagement ring has had a cult following since it first appeared in Sex and the City, and we love its rock and roll look. Pair a black diamond with a black rhodium plated setting for an alluringly dark and mysterious engagement ring!

In Conclusion...

At Francis Jewellers we believe in celebrating individuality and enjoying self-reflection in the form of jewellery. Trends come and go, so we like to use them as inspiration rather than a blueprint. The ultimate engagement ring of all is different from person to person, so we encourage our clients to explore their personal style and discover what speaks to their heart the most. With our expertise, we can create practically anything you can imagine, so have fun and enjoy the process!