Custom Jewellery Design

Design the Perfect Piece of Jewellery!

Are you thinking about designing her the prefect ring? Or perhaps it is time to spoil yourself with that beautiful custom pair of earrings; the scenarios are unique and make every piece that much more special.

At Francis Jewellers the possibilities are endless to make your jewellery dreams come true.

All of our jewellery is hand-crafted by one of our three onsite Goldsmiths, you can even come watch us work from the windows outside! 

Designers, Goldsmiths and Gemmologists onsite!

We pride ourselves on hand fabricating jewellery. Nearly all pieces are made without the use of wax. Casting is usually associated with porosity and the finish is never the same as in hand fabrication.

Sit down with one of our designers and see your piece come to life. 

We have many ideas for you and combined with ours we can draw a few sketches. Please see our Hand Drawn Designs in the You Create section to get a taste. 

Stones may be hand-picked by yourself with the guidance of one of our in-store Jewellery Professionals, or bring your own and we can incorporate them into your piece.

All of the jewellery is made on site by our master goldsmiths. We can also reuse your metal! The piece above was costumed designed by a couple who came in to the store together, picked out their diamond and designed the ring entirely by themselves! We just brought the piece to life. They are now happily engaged and looking forward to the future. 

We work on rings with different shapes and sizes of gemstones!

This ring was a special piece to work on. An extraordinary diamond to see, the client know a simple and elegant setting would be perfect. We gave her a few drawings of the possibilities and she picked this beautiful solitaire, square prong setting. 


We remake rings if they are looking outdated and need a new modern edge!

Visit our Remake & Redesign Section, in services, to learn more about the process.We want to make sure each phase of construction is done perfectly, and allowing us a 4-6 week timeline is ideal for that perfect finish. Feel free to stop by along the journey to see the magic happen.