Hand Fabrication

Platinum, Silver and Goldsmiths Available On-Site

The process of making jewellery is very detailed and technical, and it all takes place in-house on one of our 3 goldsmith benches.

The construction usually starts with an ingot of metal or sheet that is then forged, filed and shaped into your design. Hundreds of tools line our studio aiding in the process.

At Francis Jewellers we are capable of working in White, Yellow or Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium, as well as base metals.

Each of these metals have there own characteristics which make them both easier or harder to work with. When choosing a type of metal to create your piece in, consider the different characteristics each metal has and how that will effect the wearing of the piece of the years. Your lifestyle should also support the type of metal you choose. 

Discover the Superior Quality of hand Fabrication!

Over 95% of the pieces we create are done by hand, making us one of the most traditional jewellers stores on the Island.

We invite you to join the Francis Jewellers family, as so many have done in the past 93 years, and give us the pleasure of hand fabricating your piece.