Redesign & Remake

Designers Are Available On-Site To Share Their Expertise.

Redesigning or remaking a piece is an emotional journey. It takes thought, consideration, and planning to create the perfect item that you will wear for a lifetime.

We have designers on site to assist you in your redesign journey.

Transform your old jewellery into new and modern pieces. 

This ring was made from old diamond earrings that the client was no longer wearing. We removed the diamonds and used her old gold to create this new and improved ring that she now wears everyday. 

We can re-use gemstones and gold! 

We welcome you to bring in your pieces and let us see what materials we are working with (stones, metals etc.). This also enables us to see if you would like to remelt and reuse your gold or trade it in for credit. 

We use the newest innovative technology to create beautiful pieces!

This ring was made from 22k gold that was folded using a new innovative technique at Francis Jewellers and the a 0.50ct diamond bezel set into the ring for that extra drama. 

Time and consideration should be put into what your looking for in a piece, for example, are you wanting to highlight a specific stone, or are you planning to only wear this piece on special occasions. These answers will help our designers understand your needs and how the design can complement those wishes.

We have many design ideas in store to help give you different ideas of what could be done.

Whether you are looking to create a an engagement ring, or a spectacular pair of earrings, the store is filled with ideas.