We offer many services other than custom design to our clients. 

  • Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewellery Repair
  • Claw re-tipping and rebuilding
  • Ring sizing
  • Chain Repair
  • Re-shanking
  • Rhodium and gold plating
  • Engraving (both by hand and machine)
  • Watch Strap Replacement
  • Watch Full Services (done in house)
  • Watch Battery Replacement

    ...and much, much more!


Hand Engraving and Machine Engraving Available On-Site

Between Chris, our master hand engraver, and our engraving machine, anything is possible.

Chris has been working for over 35 years and is capable of the most intricate and delicate designs.

Engraving is an art and does take time so please give us notice if you would like engraving done by a certain date.

We are capable of engraving jewellery, as well as cups, cutlery, flasks, trophies etc.



All jewellery repairs are done in house by our talented master goldsmiths.

We are able to work on most repairs in many kinds of metals; silver, gold and platinum and base metals. 

Ring sizing, chain repairs, re-tipping, plating and refinishing are just some of the repairs that we do everyday.


All repairs are done on-site. We have the latest technology to work on your pieces.
Like the laser welder that you see in the photo above.

We also re-string pearls. This task usually takes 2 weeks. 

Please bring your repairs into the store for an immediate quote and allow time for our goldsmith to repair your pieces properly. Most repairs are done with-in a 1-2 week time frame. Some may take less time and some more time, depending on the complexity of the piece. 

If you have a special date you need your repairs done by, bring them in as soon as possible and will do our very best to have them done before that date. 



Francis Jewellers has been aiding in the insurance replacement process for over 20 years.

Thank you  for your interest in working with Francis Jewellers. 

We have established a successful reputation as a provider of quality goods, at competitive prices, and we work with multiple insurance companies to best replace your lost goods.

We pride ourselves in having master goldsmiths, designers and gemmologists on site to work with you and provide a satisfying experience. Working with a local jeweller is rewarding and gives you new piece a unique story of how it was made. 

We understand that we cannot replace the sentimental value of your losses, however we promise that your claim will be held with respect and understanding for the situation. 

We work with most insurance companies and we considered ourselves the "go to" Jeweller for difficult insurance claims and projects. We would like to work together as a group with you and the insurance company to provide the best experience and customer service by providing you with accurate and consistent quotes. 

If you are interested in working with our store please visit us and have these details on hand:  

1. Full Name of Customer
2. Phone Number of Customer
3. Insurance Company Name or Broker
4. Insurance Company Fax or Email
5. Adjustor's Name
6. Claim Number
7. Description of Lost Items


Francis Jewellers works with Brokers such as:


  • Christie – Phoenix
  • Coastal Capital
  • Cooperations
  • Intact
  • Harbord Insurance
  • Henry Swinton McKenzie
  • Megson Fitzpatrick
  • Optimum West
  • Tuffrey & Mills
  • Wawanesa
  • Westland Insurance
  • and others


    We have two Gemmologists onsite; FGA and FcGMA qualified. 

    All appraisals are done on site and range in price depending on the complexity of the piece.

    Most appraisals are done within 3-4 days and the client is called when the piece is ready to be picked up.

    Rush appraisals can be done at an additional cost.

    We also appraise watches on site.