Authentic Spanish-American Silver Cob Pendant In 14K Yellow Gold Bezel

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This authentic Spanish-American Silver Cob in set in a handmade 14k yellow gold frame as a stunning pendant and piece of history. 

Solid silver 'cobs' were a form of rudimentary coin used in the 17th century on ships. They are often known as 'treasure coins' and were sought after by pirates on the Atlantic Ocean as ships crossed from the New World to the Old World. They are the inspiration for the modern day motif of buried treasure. Each coin was made from very fine silver, struck and minted by hand during the 1500's to the 1700's at the Spanish mints in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and other South American countries. The cobs feature a pressed pattern of a cross with various symbols such as coats of arms of the Royalty of the time. 

This cob in particular was minted in Bolivia in 1670 and travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to the port city of Cadiz, Spain, where it's boat, 'Santa Christina', was shipwrecked in the harbor. The cob lay under the water for centuries until found by treasure seekers in the 20th century. 

The symbols on the cob are as follows: CAR*II*D*G*HISP*ET*IND*R

We can interpret these as: Carlos II (1665-1700), Dei Gratia (by the Grace of God), King of Spain and the Indies

This cob pendant has a total weight of 23.70 grams and the cob itself weighs 15.5 grams.

We recommend wearing this statement piece on a simple black cord or omega chain in either silver or gold to really let its unique beauty be showcased.  A stunning and historically rich piece of jewellery, perfectly suited to someone who enjoys history, the lore surrounding pirates and the thrill of underwater archeology. 

(This listing does not include the black rope necklace)