Enicar Sherpa 600 'Super Divette' Compressor Wrist Watch

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Enicar Sherpa 600 'Super Divette' Compressor Watch

Model 165-35-05

Serial 1367883


Case: 37.5mm, Blackened Stainless Steel

Bezel: Interior bezel (operated with crown)

Crown: Both original

Crystal: Original, acrylic

Movement: Automatic

This vintage diver's watch is as unique as it is rich in history! Enicar is a watch company founded in 1914 by Ariste Racine (Enicar backwards!). They began making pocket watches during WWI, renowned for their excellent readability and favored by soldiers and railway crews. During the 1930's, Enicar was pioneering the innovation of the automatic movement and in 1931 came out with their iconic 'Sherpa' watch line. The 'Sherpa' watches were made specifically for extreme climates and conditions, surviving beautifully in seawater, and in dramatic temperature and pressure changes.

After manufacturing Jet watches for the American Airforce during WW2, Enicar began to enter the Asian market and was met with enthusiasm for their Sherpa line. At this time, they began to sponsor mountaineering efforts. in 1956, Enicar equipped the Swiss Expedition of the Himalayas and provided watches that would be worn to climb Mount Everest. One of the climbers, Ernest Reiss, credited the watch for its excellent precision even during the extreme weather conditions. From there, the 'Sherpa' watch gained iconic status among watch collectors. The company continues to make sports watches, predominately with quartz movements to this day.