Paul Newman's 'Paul Newman' Rolex Daytona Sells For $17.8 Million, A Record For A Wristwatch At Auction

Paul Newman was once one of the highest paid movie star in the world and on October 26th at the Phillips auction house in New York, he became the undisputed king of the watch world when his 1968 Rolex Daytona sold for $15.5 million. (Including the buyer's premium of 12.5%, the final price comes to $17,752,500.) The bidding only lasted 12 minutes before the watch was sold to a bidder on the telephone, setting a new record for the highest price ever achieved for a wristwatch at auction. More than 400 people from all over the world gathered at Phillips' New York headquarters at 57th and Park Avenue for the Winning Icons auction. The previous record for a Rolex at auction was set in May when the Bao Dai Rolex sold for more that $5 million, also by Phillips, and the previous record for  a wristwatch at auction was $11 million for a Patek Philippe ref # 1518, also by Phillips.

Newman's own 'Paul Newman' Daytona was a gift from his wife, actress Joanne Woodward and it has long been considered the Holy Grail among watch collectors. 

The Rolex Daytona has an unusual "exotic" dial design, and was dubbed the 'Paul Newman' in the 1980s because he was always seen wearing it, according to Paul Boutros, Phillips Senior Vice President and Head of Watches for the Americas. "It's a whimsical, art deco style dial," he said, "there are about 2,000 to 3,000 of this type of dial in the world." Since the 1980s "everyone has been searching for Paul Newman's Paul Newman," Boutros noted. And it found its way to Phillips through another collector. "In this case, the watch found us. The current owner, James Cox (a former boyfriend of Newman's daughter Nell), has owned the watch since 1984 when Paul Newman gave it to him," Boutros explained. Cox sought the advice of his lawyer when looking to sell the watch, Boutros said, and the attorney put him in touch with a watch collector, who in turn recommended Phillips. (Cox will donate a significant portion of the sale price to the Nell Newman Foundation. She is continuing her father's legacy of philanthropy with her eponymous foundation, which supports organizations in the areas of education, animal welfare and human services among others.) 

The Simple Steps for Jewellery Cleaning.

A regular, professional cleaning is always a good idea to keep your jewellery sparkling. In-between professional cleaning, you can do some things at home to help keep your jewellery looking great. 

Diamond Jewellery:

  • Using a soft toothbrush and Palmolive dish soap (we recommend the original green one), scrub, scrub, scrub at the jewellery.
  • Focus underneath the settings where the dirt and grime gets stuck.
  • Don't expect this to be quick it may take 5 minutes of scrubbing to remove the grease.
  • If having trouble removing dirt, soak the jewellery in a dish with a combination of warm water and dish soap.
  • Rinse and your done 

Gemstone Jewellery:

  • follow the same steps as above however do not clean Pearls or Opals this way. 

Pearl and Opal Jewellery:

  • use only warm water and a soft cloth for these jewellery items. The delicate surface and crystalline structure of these gemstones allows them to damage easily with chemicals. 




      Family Heirlooms: How to update, fix, or create new pieces

      Jewellery is an exceptionally common family heirloom. Grandma’s wedding ring,  a relative’s favourite bracelet, perhaps a broach that was there through thick and thin. Jewellery becomes a part of our lives, making impressions as we are busy writing our own stories. A beautiful jewellery heirloom can make a splash on its own, but what about giving it a second life? Read on to discover some of our favorite ideas for updating heirloom jewellery.

      Why update an heirloom?

      First of all, heirloom jewellery is priceless. This isn't because of its rare jewels (though many pieces are actually quite valuable for that reason), but because of the sentimental value. What is the story behind that necklace you inherited? Unfortunately, these factors often come second to the look of the piece, and heirloom jewellery may not be worn. By adding a personal touch through custom designed jewellery, you can create a brand new heirloom that will actually get used.

      Fix Broken and Mismatched Pieces

      One of the most common reasons for seeking custom designed jewellery services when it comes to heirlooms is because pieces may be worn, broken, or mismatched. A broken piece can’t be worn, and mismatched jewellery will probably sit in a vault for eternity. Instead, have a jewellery designer like the specialists at  combine broken pieces and parts into a brand new item. You will be able to add personal touches and create a piece that will actually be worn. Combining mismatched sets into one piece allows you to enjoy all of your inherited jewellery at once. Working years of stories and experience into new works of jewellery-art can be a very powerful experience.

      Turn One Piece Into Another

      designer jeweller can transform a worn-out ring into a pendant, for example. This kind of technique is very useful if you inherited a type of jewellery you don’t typically wear. Custom designed jewellery can be moulded to your vision and be as understated or as bold as you’d like. Add more jewels, twist in a new accent or precious metal, or have the piece completely redesigned. Remember, you are creating a new family heirloom.

      Borrow Heirloom Jewels to Create New Custom Designed Jewellery

      Give new life to those old earrings by turning them into a ring. You can use the stones in new jewellery pieces, maintaining the sentimental value while updating the piece to your tastes. Broaches often contain many stones that can be used to make a whole set of jewellery. Designer jewellers can turn that old broach into an upscale necklace and earring set that may become the envy of onlookers wherever you go.

      Find a Designer Jeweller You Can Trust

      Finding a designer jeweller who values your sentimental pieces is advisable. These are special pieces that require special care. When looking for jewellery stores in Victoria BC, consider Francis Jewellers. This store has been creating custom designed jewellery for almost 100 years, and they have turned many heirlooms into extravagant, more modern pieces. Create a piece that you will proudly wear and your future relatives will be thrilled to inherit.